About West Marin Physical Therapy

WMPT is a 1000 square foot, fully equipped rehab center, offering expertise in out-patient orthopedic and neurological physical and occupational therapy. We have served the West Marin community since 1989. In 2017, our office was beautifully remodeled, fresh with new equipment and a new lay-out. It has a professional and healing atmosphere.

WMPT’s mission is to provide excellent rehabilitation services, pain relief, health education, fitness training and a holistic perspective on wellness. We want to help you mend strains and sprains and recover from orthopedic surgeries so you can get back to doing what you want to do. We offer expertise in joint replacement rehabilitation, surgeries of the spine, and all the joints of the arms and legs. We’re especially good at figuring out what is going on when it seems mysterious. In addition, WMPT offers useful information on many body topics, for example, education on how to garden without causing back pain; how to work on a computer without neck or hand pain; or how to sleep comfortably and more. And we are here to optimize conditions like arthritis, chronic pain syndromes, balance issues, and Parkinson’s disease.

Freda Weitzer demonstrating shoulder exercises.

As physical therapists, we teach postural correction, therapeutic exercises for stability and flexibility, and joint protection education. We have corrective and soothing hands-on bodywork skills that align the skeleton or promotes tissues healing and relaxation. We may use sports medicine healing modalities like infrared light, ultrasound, or interferential current for anti-inflammatory work. We are your partners in your healing, emphasizing your home programs so you are empowered. We want you to understand your injuries and teach you how to prevent them.