I have been working with Freda for over two years since before my spine surgery. She was a very critical part of preparing for the operation, and especially instrumental in the post surgery recovery program.

She is excellent, a very skilled Physical Therapist.  She is friendly, personable and easy to learn from.  I have a stack of yellow take home exercises, and she never lets me leave the office until I can demonstrate that I know how to do them on my own… very importantly, she never scolds me when I show up and report that I have not been doing my homework.

Tom Balogh, Point Reyes Station

I have been a patient of both Amy Schliftman (14 years) and Freda Weitzer for 2 years, and every problem that I have presented to them has been resolved! My shoulder, my spine, my tipped pelvis–all issues  have been relieved in the hands of Amy and Freda. I have nothing but respect, nay reverence, for the work of the staff of West Marin Physical Therapy!

Anna Gade, Bolinas, CA

I saw Freda after a knee replacement and worked with her a number of times on my knee pain. I love Freda’s quiet, focused attention and thoroughness.She seems to know a lot — and she has a wonderful touch. Her hands seem to know just where the center of the problem lies, which seems a bit like magic. She is also good with exercises, happy to get on the mat to demonstrate and then patiently teach. I look forward to attend her future pilates class.

Renate Stendhal, Point Reyes Station