Preparing For Your Appointment

For your first clinic appointment please fill out your intake forms and bring them with you. For a TeleHealth Visit, fill the forms out, then scan them and your insurance cards. Please send them to  Most appointments are 45-60 minutes, solely with your physical therapist.  We do not utilize assistants or aides. 

Clothing:   Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. 

Paperwork:   We would love you to bring any relevant paperwork including:

1. Physical Therapy Prescription
2. Medication list
3. Insurance Cards and ID
4. Radiology Reports
5. Surgical Reports                                                                                                   

You can ask your physician to email or fax us any of these items. Our E-mail is Our fax number is the same as the phone number: 415-663- 9216. It is helpful to have these items in advance of your first appointment.Insurance and Payment Policies. We accept the following:

  • Blue Cross PPO
  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Medicare and Medicare Supplement Policies
  • Auto Accident Med-PayWorkers Compensation 
  • If you have another PPO insurance, we can be your “out of network” provider. Please ask for details.

We accept cash, check, or credit cards. We offer some discounts to our Kaiser community and for those who have financial difficulty. We value your time and we hope you value ours. We require a 24 hour phone notice of cancellation unless you are ill. If it’s the weekend, you can still cancel without a problem. There is a $90 fee for missed appointments.